End Year Review 2018

A session of the Basel Council, which took place between 1431 and 1449,
during the Western schism, engraving, 1730.

This year it has been a difficult year for many, allot has happened within the year, The Millennial and Snowflake Generation, Brexit, the looming crash of the stock market, roomers of WW3, rising tensions across the European Union, legislating against the use of words, the anti-feminist propaganda in support of gender politics, pushing to further remove Judeo Christianity from mainstream education and the minds of the people rejecting centuries of conservative beliefs in exchange to being sympathetic politically towards socialism and communist ideas and creating parallels within society divisions and civil unrest, corruption within European and UK governments and one of the best ways to describe current events to sum up is simply another fall of Babylon the Great is upon us.

Whilst the RCC is winning its counter-reformation agenda, within the Christian world inner fight and struggles, arguments divisions over a Roman Catholic Practice to undermine the gospel is called Christmas, this raises the question are we at the end of the era for apologetics and polemics resulting in revolting and removing the principles of doctrinal purity?

The eschatological divide leading the separation and schism within churches, arguments, and predictions of setting the expectation of time of a third temple leading to an explosion of false and failed prophecies and predictions concerning end-time events, and many more issues and subjects that I could not add here.

No matter what your political views are no one has disputed one thing that we live at this period of time in an age of rapidly growing great confusion and wholesale mass hysteria we call fake news, I would use Babylon the great proverbially to describe the past 12 months, because Babylon simply means confusion, we are confused over matters around signs and events politically and religiously, we have spiritual turmoil in churches that once held in high regard that the purity of doctrine was paramount to the building up of the Christian church would appear to have been abandoned, we have those who are criticising Moriel Ministries over David Nathan and Moriel Ministries and those who follow Jacob Prasch making David Nathan into a big issue, I had been approached on this subject recently, it is for this reason I feel convicted to act charitably on sensitive issues.

Whilst I have deep concerns about what David Nathan is teaching, I also believe there are more important and pressing issues with what I have witnessed over the years, I believe for many years Moriel Ministries have lost sight as a result have become short-sighted with regards to the very people Moriel actively call friends, as well as supporting those who are part of groups they speak out against.

My issue above all issues over Moriel is this there is no public statement or condemnation of Calvary chapel over the sexual abuse of children who have been groomed by some pastors who have been caught out in the media, and there is wholesale abuse, it may be argued that NTM and CC are putting things in place to deal with the issue which is an improvement and comendable to do so, on the other hand so does the RCC but that does not prevent the abuse from, taking place in the first place.

Nor have Moriel condemned the actions of new tribes mission to this date who were exposed in the media for lying over missionaries who were paedophiles abusing children in countries where education is non-existent having the very Christian charity at a Moriel truth for youth event, what I will say and I must stress this and make it absolutely clear that Moriel as a ministry do not condone or accept the wholesale sexual abuse of children done in the name of Christ.

The point is Jacob Prasch has condemned the abuse of children in the RCC it would be appropriate for Moriel to equal condemnation the abuse of children in evangelical churches and charities.

I have given Moriel time over the years to look into this without approaching Moriel, because personally as a public ministry I do not find Moriel approachable, nor is it widely known for that matter who Moriel as a ministry accountable to with regards to an external body, Moriel and Jacob need to bear some responsibility and humility in whatever they do with regards to speaking on a public platform, I am not saying Moriel are directly respocible for what these groups have done but we all have a respnsibility to speak out, I cannot keep silent any longer and pray that these issues I have raised here would not be taken offense by Moriel as this is not my intention, but for Moriel to confront, raise and condemn what has been happening for many years that has gained public attention, before dealing with secondary non-essential issues around end time doctrine, I am simply calling on Moriel to end any public silence on the issue and not just exclusively condemning what has happened in the Roman Catholic Church, to name names including churches like Calvary Chapel and charities like new tribes mission out and to have nothing more to do with them.

In the case of Moriel, I believe Luke 17:1-4 is applicable, with regards to children and forgiveness of those who claim to be brothers on one hand but make personal attacks against you on the other, as Christians we have a duty to forgive Moriel if anyone has taken personal offense and not to take on board what Moriel do say personally, with regard against any brother in Christ, I am not talking about if we call someone out for heresy or exposing false teachers, it is about going beyond the scope of doctrine when done biblically.

Now that out of the way, I must admit that this year was a struggle to compartmentalise a yearlong reporting of events so I will just make the point that sums it up in one area Babylon the great, there are alot of people who are confused to the point they are desperate to see any part of biblical prophecy come to pass that relates to the return of Christ that is nothing more than pure speculation.

Whilst many are attending prophecy conferences who are teaching time is short, very few are actually getting out in public practicing active evangelism, those who do not have Christ live in a life without hope when the events of the last days are consistent with Christ’s warning for many can be frightening but they are filled with hope where we draw our strength from, in spite of our sins, we have our hope that is not rooted in whatever our view of the timing of the rapture be it pre, mid or post tribulation, our blessed hope is the gospel itself, Jesus teaching us not to be distracted in uncertain things that can often keep our focus away from Christ.

The Christmas debate continues, back in 2017 an article was published by Daniel Lattier called “The Myth of the Pagan Origins of Christmas”


I was reading this with genuine interest to the angle the author was writing his refutation of Professor William Tighe who wrote about the pagan origins of Christmas, looking at both arguments are based on half truths and the other is simply a matter of opinion that has no baring of the facts, Daniel Lattier’s argument is not honest in terms of what he defines who Roman Christians are.

The whole message and meaning of Christmas does not undermine the message of the gospel from the perspective of its pagan origins, the gospel within Christmas is undermined because it is rooted within the Dogma’s of the Catholic Eucharist the story of Christ coming to the world as the redemptive sacrifice offered within the sacrament, that any protestant that keeps to the traditions of the nativity is at its core, keeping within the traditional roman catholic narrative, Daniel Lattier was not correct and factual when he stated “Of course, to Christians, it really doesn’t matter that much whether or not they co-opted December 25th from the pagans, or vice versa. The Christian faith doesn’t stand or fall on that detail. But it’s nevertheless valuable for all of us to give closer scrutiny to shibboleths—such as that of the pagan origins of Christmas—which are continually repeated without being examined.“ ​

There is really no truth in this statement and it is misleading in another sense, because the 25th date was not co-opted by pagans, what the writer fails to highlight is that Christmas is an ecumenical exercise to bring everyone under the authority of the RCC, it was the 25th date that was created by Pope Julius I, he officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th December, this was to push pagans into accepting Catholicism or to be later, torched and if they did not recant they were to be burned at the stake by the inquisitors of the RCC, namely the Order of Loyola aka Jesuits.

This is to give recognition to the mass itself, in some ways it does matter that we should remove ourselves from keeping in with the traditions of the RCC that Christmas is something less to be desired in doing so would undermine the gospel because Christmas gives legitimacy to Rome and is a rejection of Christ’s redemptive sacrifice, taught by Christmas tradition as Christ’s redemptive sacrifice but in part, this is the root of Christmas.

Anti-biblical, Michael Voris is a ardent defender of the Roman Catholic Faith very accurately stated  “Christmas in particular was especially “Catholic,” the season opening with Christmas Day, a public holiday, when shops and businesses closed and the faithful attended “Christ’s Mass,” followed by festivities lasting throughout the Twelve Days of Christmas. In contrast to the penitential season of Advent, Christmas was marked by eating and drinking in greater quantities, with special foods like turkey, beef, mince pies, plum porridge and specially brewed Christmas ale. Dancing, singing, games and plays also took place, as well as the exchange of gifts.” https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/christmas-banned-in-early-america2

The whole feast is popish, it encompasses a false ecumenism to bring all denominations together with Rome, to establish what they call one united church this is one of the things Christs warns about and this is one of the reasons why we have major compromise with regards to the gospel in the churches.

In Recent years we have seen the rise in militant and extremist activities with militant veganism, further push towards dismantling marriage, what we can know for sure is that every event in every year throughout human history is already been done naturally for God to use to fulfil his plan, 2019 is certainly going to be an interesting year as we wait patiently for our lords return.

Matthew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.  

God bless you

Miguel Hayworth 30/12/2019

  • This is not a promotion of the Star of David, we give recognition, support to the Jewish people and for the nation of Israel. http://www.letusreason.org/Juda9.htm