News Report about Ivy Cottage’s Worship Leader, Sarah Green, Ivy Cottage is one of the leading churches for Hope ’08 based in Didsbury, Manchester UK


Pastor Deborah Green

Worship Leader Sarah Green


Ivy Cottage is one of the leading churches for Hope ’08 in Manchester. Debra Green (Pastor) is the Founder of [1] CityLinks, she is also involved with the ecumenical Alpha Course. The Catholic Church is adapting the Alpha Course in order to evangelise people to become full members of the Roman Catholic Church as referenced in and also as Dwight Longenecker describes in his Book Path to Rome, on page 8 ISBN: 0-85244-486-9.

Debra Green does not appear to have a problem with Catholic doctrine teaching that there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church. (See Catechism no: 846, 847, 848 and 851)

Debra Green also has a daughter called Sarah. [2] Sarah is a worship leader for Ivy Cottage. She recently hit world headlines because of her being suspended from her job as a teacher at a local school because she had appeared in a “raunchy” video that had appeared on UK television and across the internet via YouTube. She was recently reinstated by the school. During the whole time of the investigation no statement was made by the leadership of Ivy Cottage Church concerning the matter, although the incident was being reported and Sarah continued in her role as worship leader. We had contacted the church concerning the matter but no response was received. (Click on the Links to see the copy of the news paper report) In the Manchester Evening News Page 2 Monday September 1st 3rd edition under a photo of Sarah. The only thing that Sarah is reported as stating about the whole affair is; Quote I knew I had done nothing wrong, felt the injustice of it very strongly.” She still remains one of the “worship leaders.”

Here are the news reports please be aware we have only provided links to the news reports viewer discretion is advised.

The Sun Newspaper, Sexy miss ‘in YouTube clip’

Manchester Evening News, Teacher suspended over saucy ad

The Sun Newspaper, Pupils see Miss in ‘sex film’

The Mirror, ‘Sex’ tutor Sarah Green in job win

Stockport Express, Top school in storm over sex video on net

Excite News, Up in arms about a raunchy builders clothing ad

Australia Daily Telegraph, British teacher in YouTube row over Scruffs workwear ad

Metro UK, Raunchy YouTube teacher gets job back

Ananova News, Teacher suspended over sexy ad

Times Newspaper Online, Teacher spotted ‘in raunchy advert’

Australia National Nine News, Teacher suspended after pupils find raunchy clip

BBC News, Teacher suspended over web advert.


Daily Mail: “Pupils at private school discover their teacher in ‘shocking soft-porn’ advert on YouTube”

The London Paper, Private school teacher Sarah Green busted over raunchy flick

BBC News, Web video teacher is reinstated


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