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Since 2008, Hope Together has been working effortlessly in making sure that many of the evangelical churches are given over to the RCC, with little or no resistance from Pastors and leaders, we encourage you do not let your particular church group fall victim and pray to the ecumenical movement through Hope Together, in our experience we have seen first hand through Hope Together is capable of using deceitful means, with regards to Roman Catholicism history shown the results of what the Vatican is capable of even to the point of covering up its past crimes and covertly giving misleading information even by keeping its atrocities secret, and this had been recently proven by the media and Victims on the following subjects, Trafficking and abduction of babies in Australia, UK, Spain and Argentina, the sexual abuse of children and even in its history of both the Spanish Inquisition and the Medieval Inquisition, Historical documents on the victimes of the Catholic Inquisitions and in recent history during WWII such as Jasenovac in Croatia and in Balkan history we know the Vatican cannot be trusted, in the UK much of the information on Romes history today is forgotten until recently but many evangelicals are simply not learning from its past.

In both Islam and Catholicism we have seen the result of fanaticism within the leadership and councils of these religious institutions, there is really no difference between the two, this is a matter of historical significance and so this applies to Rome’s damnable doctrines, sacraments, Traditions and Dogmas.

This is not about attacking Roman Catholics, rather what the reality of Catholicism produces and in this knowing of this historically is a constant attack which totally undermines the authority of scripture, it would be foolish for any evangelical to remain ignorant of its past and overlook any theological position, This is not simply about forgiveness or an emotional hatred incorporated will ill feelings towards any person who is a catholic, but it is the hatred against the spirit that is behind the religion that has institutionalised many Catholics to a false Christ and a false presentation of who God is mixing the truth of the word with the errors in its own philosophy which is nothing more than the teachings of men, this is not of God, Roman Catholicism has grossly abused Gods word to achieve its goals and that is to eradicate protestant thought by deceptive means or otherwise, much of this is being operated from within the Protestant evangelical camp and not just within the Roman Catholic Church that is pushing to bring us back to what they call the mother church and under the authority of the supreme Magisterium and the supreme pontiff (the people who now is currently is a Jesuit).

Hope Together is working to ensure that the gospel is changed by the means of global transformations, effectively undermining the gospel and destroying what it truly represents Christ by distorting the message, through its promoting of mysticism, the occult, missional ecumenism, pro-same sex marriage Gnostic leaders such as Steve Chalke, Tony Compalo, Brain Maclaren etc., along with the promotion of the Catholic Mass and their expression of faith, this page will expose these latest developments.

RomaDowney stock-photo-73709601-businessman-with-mask *OR* VISITA PASTORALE DI BENEDETTO XVI AD ASSISI - giovedì 27 ottobre 2011: nel pomeriggio, nella piazza inferiore di San Francesco ad Assisi, Benedetto XVI, nella presiede l'incontro conclusivo con i rappresentanti delle diverse religioni in occasione della giornata di riflessione, dialogo e preghiera per la pace e la giustizia nel mondo a venticinque anni dallo storico incontro convocato da Giovanni Paolo II. Accanto al Pontefice il patriarca Bartolomeo I e Rowan Williams.(Copyright L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO - Servizio Fotografico - photo@ossrom.va)
Hope Together promotes an Roman Catholic Adaptation
of a false gospel in the Bible Series
produced by Spiritual Psychologist,
New Age Occultist and a Roman Catholic Mystic.

False Ideas Hope Togethe
this year carries on with the
idea of Redeeming Communities,
which is all part of Canterbury
and Rome’s joint venture for the UK as a part of Global

 Hope’s Ecumenical Mission Prayer Focus.
The prayers set up through
Hope is tied into the theme
of mission, this is known
as Missional Ecumenism,
this article will explain
why this subject is one in
practice should be less to be desired.
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Hope 2014 Prayer Launch
40,000 gathered for a 12-hour
night of prayer at the launch
of HOPE’s season of prayer
in London’s Excel Center.
 Hope 2014 – Ways to Pray.
Prayer together, Healing on the
, A creative prayer night
or thanksgiving meal
– Pathways
to deceit and the spirit of anti-
christ that is heading to Roman Catholicism, New Age Spirituality and Mysticism.
 The Art of Connecting
An appraisal of the Book by Roy Crowne & Bill Muir
Published 2003 by Youth for Christ
Hope for Easter.
An appraisal of the Book by John L. Hayworth

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  • This is not a promotion of the Star of David, we give recognition, support to the Jewish people and for the nation of Israel. http://www.letusreason.org/Juda9.htm