Hope 2008 Calvary Chapel Creation Fest’s UK Ecumenical partnership


Source: http://emergentwatch.com/2014/03/16/calvary-costa-mesa-doing-major-ecumenical-outreach/


Hope 2008 Calvary Chapel Creation Fest’s UK Ecumenical partnership

Calvary Costa Mesa is the originator and organizer for Creation Fest 2014. See http://creationfest.org.u/default.asp; The Creation Fest website says the CF is a member of the ecumenical organization The Evangelical Alliance http://www.eauk.org/, which “Works across 79 denominations, 3,300 churches, 750 organizations” in the UK [WikiData] At this event CCCM will be directly partnering with Catholics, Anglicans, etc.

CCCM - CreationFest2b

In previous years, Creation Fest has also partnered with HOPE 08 – http://www.hope08.com/ – itself a member of the Alliance, and linked to thousands of churches & para-church orgs.

CreFrest 08 +Hope09 & EvanAlliance, etc. KEY

The CF website also identifies Calvary’s ecumenical 2014 Media partners: http://creationfest.org.uk/organisations.asp

> 1: UCB Media: UCB TV carries programs by: Hillsong TV, Derek Prince, Bob Coy, Greg Laurie, Joel Osteen. See – [http://www.ucb.co.uk/sites/default/files/ucb_tv_schedule_mar14_web.pdf]

UCB is regularly, repeatedly airing videos from the Revival Alliance 2012 – with John Arnot (Toronto blessing), Bill Johnson (Bethel Redding) & Randy Clarke, etc. See – http://www.ucb.co.uk/ucb-watch/revival-alliance-2012

UCB is also regularly, repeatedly airing videos from the Color Conference 2012 with Beth Moore, Pricilla Shrier, Bobbie Houston & Cristine Caine [http://www.ucb.co.uk/ucb-watch/colour-your-world-2012]

UCS expo1

> 2: Premier Christian Media Group: > CCP -Magazines > Youthwork & Childrenswork magazine & Christianity Mag; (Ecumenical – Anglican/ Catholic) Their website http://www.premierchristianmedia.org.uk/ tells us that their “AIMS” are “To encourage greater mutual understanding and co-operation between members of the different churches and denominations”.

Premier = Cat=2

Premier.TV links directly to the contemplative  ALPHA COURSE. Their publication, youthwork mag links to Alpha. The magazine also sponsors the youthwork conference, which is linked to Youth for Christ [YFC], which links back to Alpha. Additionally, Heart to Heart – pub’d by Premier Media is a “Free CATHOLIC e-Magazine”

Premier TV & Alpha=-vert-horz

Creation Fest Roadshow 2008Partnered with: Hope 2008

NOTE: CF 2008 was tied to HOPE 08 see:



The question has to asked: WHY is Calvary Costa Mesa partnering with all of these ecumenical organizations in the UK – And is this the new direction of Calvary Chapel?

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