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[1] New Wine was started in the 1980’s by Bishop David Pytches (then vicar of St Andrew’s, Chorleywood.)

David Pytches’ relationship with Third Wave leader John Wimber, and the Vineyard movement, was the catalyst for what would become New Wine. [2] David Pytches holds that “has had the greatest impact on the church in England since John Wesley.”

New Wine’s youth outreach began as the direct result of the growing attendance of families at conferences. This youth work was placed under the oversight of Mike Palavachi and out of this “Soul Survivor” was born. Soul Survivor is considered to be a separate movement, although close links are still maintained

New Wine activities now extend far beyond the borders of England and have spread not only to Scotland, Ireland and Wales, but to 20 countries in Scandinavia, Africa, North America, Western Europe, South East Asia and New Zealand.

 leadership_page_1 [3] At the 2008 Harrogate leader’s Conference the main speaker will be Elijah List false-prophet Bill Johnson who promotes [4] “Gold Dust” “Angel Feather” [5] “Angel Orbs” phenomena. He also promotes the esoteric mystical idea of [6] “Spiritual DNA”
when heaven invades earth [7] “It is abnormal for a Christian not to have an appetite for the impossible. It has been written into our spiritual DNA to hunger for the impossibilities around us to bow at the name of Jesus.”

Bill Johnson – When Heaven Invades Earth – Destiny Image – 2003 – p 25.

[8] New Wine’s programmes integrate Holy Trinity, Brompton’s ALPHA Course. They operate a course called The Family Time Course which is described as being “The course is ideal for parents with small children who are on the fringes of the church but not yet ready for Alpha or for parents in the church asking questions about parenting.”

[9] The 10 week Family Time course retails at £60 and is authored by Mark and Lindsay Melluish. [10] Mark is also
the General Manager of New Wine, as well as vicar of St. Paul’s, Ealing.

[11] New Wine director, Rev. John Coles, was one of the group that drafted the New Covenant for the Church of
England. This new covenant has, as one of, its stated aims to be, “committed to faithful biblical orthodoxy as defined
by the classic formularies of our tradition.” It seems strange that seekers for “Biblical Orthodoxy” should seek to work together with an organisation like the Roman Catholic Church which put to death such great English churchmen
such as Cranmer, Tyndale, Latimer and Coverdale.[12] Divid Pytches was also a signatory, as was [13] Rev John Stott (a leading British Ecumenist.)

David Pytches has been long involved in Ecumenism. [14] In 1999 he was to lead a spiritual renewal event promoted by
The Atlantic Ecumenical Council. In 1990 [15] he also wrote the preface to “Overcome by the Spirit,” by the Roman
Catholic Dominican priest, Francis McNutt. [16] David Pytches defends the Kansas City Prophets in his book,
“Some said it thundered”, in which he confuses the Spirit with the soul, thus promoting Psychic Phenomena as if it
were the Holy Spirit at work in men. Further in the book he echoes some of the same kinds of ideas that Paul Yonggi
Cho teaches concerning the Holy Spirit working miracles even through unbelievers. It is this kind of thinking that the false teachers of the Elijah List engage in. One writer said of Bill Johnson, [17] “Though he is an Assembly of God pastor
and not a Vineyard pastor, he carries the DNA of John Wimber more than anyone else I know, especially when it
comes to his passion for healing and the activity of the Holy Spirit.”

It is this form of mysticism that New Wine seeks to bring into the lives of Christians and, via the work of Mike Pilavachi and Soul Survivor, thousands of young people are being led astray.

[18] David Pytches was one of a number of “big names” that supported and promoted the “Laughing revival” (aka Toronto Blessing) which blighted the churches in the UK. [19] He, himself is reported to have been, “roaring from the floor like a lion.” Bishop Pytches is quoted: “The Book of Micah talks of ‘howling like a jackal and moaning like an owl’. What God is doing is shaking people physically and shocking people mentally, drawing attention to himself, like a parent shaking
a child which wants to run across a busy road.” This reference to the Book of Micah is in Micah 1:8. However if we read this verse within the context of what God is saying this is as the direct result of God’s people committing idolatry and it is God the one who is howling and moaning! Yet one more example of a false teacher taking scripture out of context in order to prop up some false notion of what is actually going on.

[20] New Wine has also drawn inspiration from Terl Bryant (percussionist and drummer,) founder of Psalm Drummers. Psalm Drummers believe that it is possible to lead a person to Christ through drumming (just how this is possible is not
easily explained in view of the clear teaching of scripture 1 Cor 1:21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. This is yet another example of how the contemporary Christian scene has brought in new and innovative ways to replace that which
was the message and practice of Christ and His Apostles. However much of what is being promoted as “new” is
simply the “Christianizing” of worldly culture which, eventually, will only result in the emergence of a more
“worldly” form of Christianity.

[21] Jack Deere, Internationally renowned speaker and disciple of John Wimber and C. Peter Wagner was the key speaker at new Wine’s 2005 Scottish Clan Gathering Conference.


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