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The biblical view on
Homosexuality and Gay
Marriage (Redefinition of
Marriage), what is
UK Apologetics Library’s
take on this ?
– by
Miguel Hayworth
Mechanics of the Godhead
– By Miguel Hayworth
(New 26/12/2010).
Challenging Postmodernist’s
Does God Hate Unbelieving
Unrepentant Sinners and
– By Miguel Hayworth
hqdefault book_of_jude book_of_jude
Taking A Stand for God
– By Miguel Hayworth
A study on the
Book of Jude Part 1
– By Miguel Hayworth
The Book of Jude
Part 2 – By Miguel
Hayworth. ( This is
not yet completed. )
maxresdefault stock-photo-31459180-letters-stack  arminius
Israel, The Church
and Spiritual Harlotry

– By Marek Holowenko
An open Letter to
the Christians of the UK

– By Miguel Hayworth
A Study on Election
and Predestination

– By James Arminius
gospel-today-cover 220px-Thepassionposterface-1- 14842
The Role of Women
in the Church

– Miguel Hayworth
The Passion of Christ
Film whats wrong with it ?
– By Miguel Hayworth
Music and Emotion
– By Miguel Hayworth


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