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UK Apologetics Library (U.K.A.L) consists of individuals who identify themselves as being Born-Again.. The ministry acts as an Investigative program including the reports of individuals and Researcher groups world-wide, this would include people who desire to be active in such areas but who want to remain anonymous, for whatever reason, and want to expose such groups and individuals to the public. These accounts are used to educate people who have family members who are trapped in such groups and professionals who are interested in these areas.

U.K.A.L’s objective is to help any individuals who may have family members involved in cults, the Ministry also puts people who maybe involved in a cult (but would like to get out) in touch with organizations and individuals that can help and assist them.

There are also people from other churches and/or groups who want to send information but are very much afraid of the individuals and/or organizations they are involved with.

UK Apologetics Library is an independent project, however, U.K.A.L has contacts with other Christians who represent evangelical groups within the UK, as well as globally. U.K.A.L is not associated with any of the charismatic movement and operates independently from any other group. It has as its only main focus building a library of media and documented information.

U.K.A.L is self funding, it receives no outside funding, the only donations solicited are publications, documents, Audio/visual materials and articles in order to increase its well of knowledge and information. 

Founder History

Miguel Hayworth was previously the founder/director of First Plumbline Apologetics established in 2001, this is now renamed to U.K.A.L.

Experiences within different denominations showed that much of what is going on in the churches was not orientated around the Bible. With this conviction Miguel Hayworth, and having seen so many people damaged by the unorthodox teachings of Christian groups, originally began his work with the intent of exposing false teachers within mainstream Christian circles.

Eventually a wider scope was adopted covering other issues and the direction of this ministry began to cover a wider range of topics from Abortion to the Cults. Miguel saw that this would benefit a lot more people and give access to information concerning many more groups so that people could made aware of the teachings and practices of various groups both inside and outside of mainstream Christianity. Many individuals, and other similar ministries, have contributed information and a wide variety of audio/visual materials.

Miguel Hayworth also has a large network of contacts from Christian Groups, Christian Apologetics Groups and Cult Awareness organizations, and individuals, who actively obtain up to date current news and information on false teachers and cults.

Our Stated Beliefs

We believe in the God of Israel as the One true God.

We believe that the Godhead is made up of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who are three persons yet one God.

We believe that this God alone is to be worshipped, as prescribed in Scripture.

We believe in the doctrinal infallibility of the original manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments (that is the original Greek and Hebrew) and in the historicity of these Scriptures.

We believe in the complete Bible as the supreme authority for our faith and ministry.

We believe that the Bible as the only basis of true doctrine.

We personally believe that through the finished work on the cross, Jesus took our sin and gave us His life through his righteousness, that we must personally accept him by faith alone and remain obedient to Jesus Christ and the Word of God according to the scriptures.

Those rejecting Jesus will face their reward through the second death (known as Gehenna).

The Hebrew word Sheol is Translated by Hades in the Septuagint 60 times out of 63; and though Sheol in many places, (such as Gen. 42:38; I Sam 2:6; I Kings 2:6; Job 14:13; 17:13,16, etc.), may signify keber, the grave, as the common receptacle of the dead, yet it has the more general meaning of death; a state of death; the dominion of death.

We believe when we die we will go to Keber which is Hebrew for the grave, a waiting place.

We believe that Jesus is our new Torah and the new Sabbath.

We believe that man is fallen into sin which was passed down through Adam (original sin) and so creation became corrupted by sin. It is totally impossible for man to justify himself before a perfect God, for man is without excuse.

We believe according to the bible that Gentiles who truly accept Jesus are counted as part of the citizenship of Israel as wild branches that are grafted in to the Natural Branches known as the Olive Tree, Romans 11, Ephesians 2:12 we do believe that this has not replaced, superseded or rejected Israel with the church.

We believe that God’s prophetic plan for the world is bound up with His plan for the gathering and the salvation of Israel.

We sincerely believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that the charismatic gifts continue to operate in the church.

We reject and detest any form of charismatic or Pentecostal extremism and I will refuse any form of tradition-based or experiential theology.

We also believe that, according to Paul, it does not matter whether you speak or pray in tongues there should be a spiritual interpreter, as it does not benefit any one, or edify any one, nor encourage because no one can understand you.

We believe in believer’s baptism but not as a means for salvation but a response and a ceremony to show obedience to the gospel that teaches, first we must repent and believe through faith in Christ alone and not through tradition i.e Eucharistic Adoration, Sacraments etc.

We believe in the unity of the Spirit (the unity of God’s people and not Ecumenical Unity). I do not accept unity on any ground other than that which is Bible-based.

We totally reject – as a false unity – ecumenism, Multi-Faith and do not conform to a non-evangelical version of Christianity (“So Called Believers e.g. Sunday Christians”), nor in having a different doctrine of salvation and a basis of doctrinal authority other than the Bible.

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  • This is not a promotion of the Star of David, we give recognition, support to the Jewish people and for the nation of Israel. http://www.letusreason.org/Juda9.htm