A statement by The Confessing Church


Hope 08
A statement by The Confessing Church

Churches throughout the entire United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, and beyond, are gearing themselves up for 2008 by participating in what will probably be the largest deployment of manpower in history.

Hope 08 has as its stated goal to unite the whole church in prayer, “worship, social action and evangelism – but the overriding emphasis is on prayer.” (1)

This has been an initiative that was started a few years ago.

Many of us heard stories from The Message 2000 (Manchester) or Soul in the City (London) in 2004 and were left with a strong desire for our town or city to be next in line. In a number of other locations churches worked together as part of what seemed to be a new wave of missions that emerged at the beginning of this century. This activity was built on years of faithful prayer and a commitment to work together and in many cases with a key role played by young people.“ (2)

All this, on the surface seems laudable, until we dig a tiny bit under the surface. Suddenly we are confronted by a different reality. Suddenly we discover a more unpalatable foundation to this whole exercise.

On the Board of Reference we find Government ministers, a Catholic Cardinal (official representative of the Vatican) amongst others. (3)

Hope 08 is working in association with a number of the most heretical organisations and groups, including Alpha, Elim, God TV, Ichthus, Lambeth Palace, Pioneer, Purpose Driven UK Ltd., Salt + Light, The Message, Vineyard, Youth With a Mission. Amongst others. (4)Parmjit Dhanda MP, (Cohesion Minister, Department for Communities and Local Government) is quoted on the official Hope 08 website as saying that one of the more positive aspects of Hope 08 is that, “HOPE2008 positively embraces the ideal of interfaith engagement in all of its projects.(5)

What can be seen from a simple perusal of the official Hope08 website is that this is an exercise in Ecumenism and Inter-faith dialogue which is all a part of what is described as the, “Emerging Church,” (Aka Great Apostasy.)







John L. Hayworth

On behalf of the confessing Church

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  • This is not a promotion of the Star of David, we give recognition, support to the Jewish people and for the nation of Israel. http://www.letusreason.org/Juda9.htm