World Vision funds $7.2 million per year to terrorist group allied to ISIS.

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It is an urgent but sad matter concerning this braking news, this is a matter of importance that cannot be ignored and to question why is World Vision funding a terrorist group like Hamas, when it is known that Hamas has ties and alliances with the Islamic State (ISIS) or Daesh as it is called today, this news concerning Hamas alliance to ISIS was reported by the Jerusalem Post, it is even reported by Front Page Magazine that Hamas has allied with ISIS in the Sinai is supplying guns and bombs to ISIS. when it comes to these terrorist groups they would not give a single thought into killing an aid worker from World Vision and World Vision funds Hamas by giving 60 percent of World Vision’s annual budget for the Gaza Strip was diverted by Hamas to the tune of $7.2 million per year, lets face it World Vision stinks of hypocrisy there is no real excuse for this.

The JNN news and other news sources on google news has reported:

“What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.” Lk 12:3

JNN: WORLD VISION’S FUNDING OF HAMAS TERRORIST OPERATIONS: It is an urgent but sad matter that we bring to our readers across the globe today. It has been verified by numerous reliable sources, including top Israeli government and security officials that World Vision donations marked for the Gaza Strip, have been largely diverted to fund the destructive activities of Hamas; the ruling terrorist organization there. The reports are cause for intercession and careful reassessment by faithful donors who have given for decades to World Vision, as to where their aid might better be used in the future. VFI staff members thank all of the Israeli news sources who have contributed to this report. (JNN)

ISRAEL SAYS GAZA WORLD VISION DIRECTOR DIVERTED MILLIONS TO HAMAS’ TERRORIST WING: The Gaza head of the USA-based humanitarian aid organization World Vision funneled as much as $7 million a year over the past 10 years to Hamas terror activities, Israel’s domestic security agency said Thurs. 4 August 2016. World Vision is among the largest Christian charities in the world and receives considerable funding from the UN and Western governments. It has been working in Israel and the Palestinian territories for more than 40 years. An Israel Security Agency official said that while the investigation did not implicate World Vision in the scheme to divert funds, it did reveal an abysmal lack of monitoring and supervision by the organization of its donations and projects. “Hamas stole tens of millions of dollars from disabled and poor Palestinian children to build a war machine,” said David Keyes, a spokesman for the Israeli government. (Washington Post/NY Times)

WORLD VISION’S CHRISTIAN DONATIONS FUNDING HAMAS: World Vision International is perhaps the world’s largest Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid organization. The NGO group has been operating in Israel, Judea & Samaria, and the Gaza Strip since 1975. It has now been revealed that 60 percent of World Vision’s annual budget for the Gaza Strip was diverted by Hamas to the tune of $7.2 million per year. Much of that money was given in cash to Hamas terrorists, while even more was used to finance the construction of terror tunnels and to purchase weapons. All of this was discovered during a lengthy investigation beginning in mid-June 2016 when Israel arrested Mohammed El-Halabi, World Vision’s Gaza branch director, on suspicion of terrorist activity. During the investigation, El-Halabi revealed that he has been a Hamas member since his youth and had undergone organizational and military training in the early 2000s. In 2005, Hamas dispatched El-Halabi to infiltrate World Vision. El-Halabi related that Hamas believed that he had a good chance of infiltrating the humanitarian aid organization because his father works for the UN. (Israel Today)

MOHAMMED EL-HALABI’S FATHER WORKS FOR UN AND IS A HAMAS MEMBER: World Vision’s Gaza branch director, Mohammed El-Halabi, admitted that his father, Halil El-Halabi, who has served as head of UNWRA’s educational institutions in the Gaza Strip for years, is a member of Hamas and uses his position as a UN employee to help the terrorist organization. Shortly after being employed by World Vision, Mohammed began to use his position to benefit the Islamist terrorist organization, primarily by diverting funds meant as aid to strengthen Hamas’ terrorist arm. Over the years, El-Halabi advanced in the charity’s hierarchy until he was appointed director of the Gaza branch. In this capacity, he controlled the budget, equipment and aid packages which amounted to tens of millions of dollars. El-Halabi employed a sophisticated and systematic apparatus for transferring World Vision funds to Hamas. He established and promoted humanitarian projects and fictitious agricultural associations that acted as cover for the transfer of monies to Hamas. Examples of these projects and associations include: greenhouse construction; restoration of agricultural lands; mental health and public health projects for Gaza residents; aid to fishermen; a treatment center for the physically and mentally disabled; and farmers’ associations. All of these projects and associations were used to transfer funds to Hamas. (Yossi Aloni/Israel Today)

HOW WORLD VISION FUNDS FOR PROJECTS AND FARMER’S PROJECTS WERE DIVERTED TO HAMAS IN VARIOUS WAYS: The money allocated by World Vision for projects and farmers’ associations reached Hamas in various ways, such as the false registration of Hamas terrorists as employees in charity-sponsored projects; issuing fictitious receipts and inflated invoices in which the difference paid by the charity was transferred in cash to Hamas; transfer of the charity’s checks to Hamas terrorists, etc. The investigation revealed that the main method used to divert money to Hamas was to put out fictitious tenders for World Vision-sponsored projects in the Gaza Strip. The “winning” company was made aware that 60 percent of the project’s monies were to be designated for Hamas. In this way, Mohammed El- Halabi ensured a steady flow of cash into Hamas coffers.

According to El-Halabi, the funds he diverted to Hamas were intended mainly to strengthen the terrorist arm. As such, they were utilized to finance the digging of terror tunnels, the building of military bases and the purchase of weapons. Some of the money went to pay the salaries of Hamas terrorists and, in some cases, senior Hamas terrorists took large sums of money for their own personal use. El-Halabi regularly transferred to Hamas equipment that he had ordered on behalf of World Vision, supposedly for agricultural aid. The equipment included iron rods, digging equipment, pipes and building materials, and was used in fact to construct Hamas terrorist outposts and to dig terror tunnels. Another regular method of acquiring equipment for Hamas was to disguise Hamas warehouses as World Vision warehouses. Trucks bringing supplies to the Kerem Shalom Crossing between Israel and Gaza would unload their goods at Hamas warehouses instead of legitimate World Vision warehouses. Hamas operatives would pick up the supplies in the dead of night. (Israel Today)

WHAT HAPPENED TO WORLD VISION HUMANITARIAN AID DONATED FOR THE NEEDY RESIDENTS OF THE GAZA STRIP: According to Mohammed El-Halabi, the humanitarian aid donated for the residents of the Gaza Strip was in actual fact given almost exclusively to Hamas terrorists and their families. Non-Hamas members almost never received any benefit from the aid, despite their relative level of need. Every month, El-Halabi distributed thousands of packages of food, basic commodities and medical supplies to Hamas terrorists and their families, commodities that World Vision had intended to go to the needy. This humanitarian aid was diverted by El-Halabi to Hamas terrorists also during the conflict of summer 2014 [Operation Protective Edge]. During the fighting, the terrorists received food packages to sustain them above and below ground, including in terror tunnels. (Yossi Aloni/Israel Today)

MOHAMMED EL-HALABI USED HIS WORLD VISION POSITION TO EXPLOIT HIS VISITS TO ISRAEL TO ENGAGE IN TERRORIST ACTIVITY: Mohammed El-Halabi in addition to the financial and logistical aid that he provided to Hamas, also exploited his visits to Israel, which were permitted due to his legitimate work for World Vision, to engage in serious terrorist activity – locating and marking sites near the Erez Crossing that potentially could be used as egress points for Hamas attack tunnels. The investigation revealed much information concerning additional figures in the Gaza Strip who exploited their work in organizations, including humanitarian aid organizations and UN institutions, on behalf of Hamas. El-Halabi’s statements portray a troubling picture in which UN and other aid organizations in Gaza are in fact controlled by the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas. In summary, the facts uncovered during this important investigation illustrate, above all else, Hamas’ cynical exploitation of international humanitarian aid and resources donated by Western nations that are intended to aid needy residents of the Gaza Strip but which, in fact, are being diverted to Hamas for use in strengthening its terrorist and military capabilities. Hamas is harming the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, displaying, repeatedly, its destructive priorities. (Israel Today)

ISRAEL’S FOREIGN MINISTRY WARNS: HAMAS WORLD VISION SCANDAL DEEPER THAN IMAGINED: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director Dore Gold condemned the NGO World Vision’s transfer of funds to Hamas. In a published statement, Gold expressed his horror that “one of the largest charitable and humanitarian aid organizations in the world” gave “approximately $7.2 million to the military wing of Hamas. mainly to strengthen its terrorist arm.” “Hamas is closely linked to the security apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is seeking to spread its military influence through its Middle Eastern surrogates,” explained Gold, denying suggestions that money given to Hamas was used humanitarian purposes. “These funds were utilized to finance the digging of terror tunnels, the construction of military bases, and the purchase of weapons.” The global body of World Vision has denied any knowledge of wrongdoing. However, Israel revealed that local Gaza branch leader Mohammed El-Halibi was in charge of the operation. Gold estimates “that El-Halibi managed to transfer in the decade of his work at World Vision, tens of millions of dollars. At the very least, that means there was no supervision of his activities. Gold also warned that “the investigation revealed much information concerning additional figures in Gaza who exploited their work in humanitarian aid organizations and UN institutions, on behalf of Hamas.” (Arutz-7)

SHURAT HADIN; WE’VE BEEN WARNING ABOUT WORLD VISION FOR YEARS: The Shurat Hadin – Israel Law Center said 4 August 2016, that it had been issuing warnings for years that “funds provided to Gaza by Christian mega charity World Vision were being utilized for terrorism.” “In 2012, Tel Aviv based civil rights center Shurat Hadin notified the Australian government that its aid money being administrated by World Vision was being transferred to front charities of Palestinian terror groups in Gaza. Both the Australian government and World Vision denied Shurat Hadin’s warning,” the organization said. “In 2015, Shurat Hadin again cautioned the Australian government that World Vision was operating as an active arm of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and other terror groups. World Vision [Australia]’s chief executive, Tim Costello, vehemently denied the charges and claimed that WVA had ‘no interest in supporting terrorism.’” However, as of this week, Shurat Hadin’s warnings against WVA have been proven true. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, president of Shurat Hadin, said: “For years we have been warning that World Vision is funding Palestinian terror groups in Gaza. Who knows how many of Hamas’ missiles and stabbing attacks were funded by World Vision after they were put on notice that there were financing Palestinian terror.” (J.Post)

AUSTRALIA SUSPENDS WORLD VISION’S PALESTINIAN AID: Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has suspended funding of World Vision programs in the Gaza Strip, after the head of the charity in Gaza was charged by Israel with providing funds to Hamas. DFAT said, “Any diversion of the generous support of the Australian and international community for military or terrorist purposes by Hamas is to be deplored and can only harm the Palestinian people.” (Guardian UK)

BRITISH DONATIONS TO CHRISTIAN CHARITY WORLD VISION WERE ‘USED TO BUILD A HAMAS TERRORIST BASE IN GAZA’: Millions of pounds donated to the Christian charity World Vision were secretly diverted to the Islamist group Hamas, including £60,000 from the UK that went to building a base for terrorist, Israel said on 4 August, 2016. Around 60% of the funds meant to ease suffering in the Gaza Strip were instead diverted to paying Hamas salaries and readying the group for war with Israel, according to Israel’s Intelligence agency, Shin Bet. World Vision denied the allegations but the case casts a harsh spotlight on one of the world’s biggest charities. The group has an annual budget of more than £2 billion and a roster of celebrity backers including Bill Clinton, Scarlett Johansson and Justin Bieber. (UK Telegraph)

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