Message to the University of Sheffield (UK)

Dear University of Sheffield I stand with the student that quoting the bible on the grounds of his disapproval of SSM, should not be banned at your university after all the english langauge was developed thanks to william Tyndale if your university does not permit the voice of descent then you are clearly against freedom of speech as a former employee at the university of Manchester for 12 years the academic board would never resort to such actions taken by students that wish to express their individuality and views regardless of controversies, the whole process of the development of knowledge was born from voices that may not go alone with the political classes that you have clearly demonstrated that you have contradicted the who point of why universities came into being in the first place.
Maybe you should go further than this ban the bible (IT IS CLEARLY A HOMOPHOBIC BOOK) this is where it will lead even in the university that anyone reading its homophobia literature such as the bible is seen to be homophobic or quoting from the bible for that matter clearly needs to be burned to the stake, your university wrote about George Marsh who was a protestant martyr who was burned at the state for his controversial and offensive ideas that even the public delighted in seeing the inquisition.
I will make it known that your university will not allow or tolerate christians that do not go along with the SSM fundamentals, the university does behave like the grand inquisitors of 1556, there is nothing illegal or unlawful about quoting the bible, we even have the triple lock protections to uphold our religiously held and fundamental beliefs in public and the rights under the equalities act and the human rights act, to have a dissenting voice why does the university fail to uphold the law in this regard.
Just because a person regardless of views would express idea’s that are unsavory then the university would persecute those people, why don’t you place a restriction on the use of foul langauge as the they have done in the city of Salford at Salford quays anyone who is caught swearing gets fine or be taken to court.
You have sent the message to add christian parents in the UK that their children are not welcome at your university unless they reject the bible.
So now I challenge the university to take legal action against me for saying that SSM is a mockery of real natural marriage between one man and one women in spite of dissenters.

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