Paul Wilkerson and Good fight Ministries

This new post in the blog is showing the debate between pre tribbers and post tribbers,
Post Trib supporters and Pre Trib supporters calling each other heretics creating much unnecessary schism when there is much compromise going on in many those in either camp of the eschatological spectrum, why is it that Joe Schimmel and Jacob does not deal with the ecumenical people on the dvd that they are supporting men like Joel Richardson.

Joe Schimmel and Moriel in Joining Hands with Paul Mcguire who is part of the  (NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION), as stipulated in my article on the subject would even put into question the trailer concerning Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort who are ecumenical compromisers themselves and the other question is why is Knowingly or Unknowingly Paul Wilkerson leaving the LCJE unchallenged who the LCJE stipulate that they are also ecumenical and has ties to the Catholic Church, in this Ariel Ministries are part of, even Tim Lahaye has controversies surrounding the Unification Church, it is in this that I believe eschatology is not an essential subject we should be falling out over, Jacob would do well to drop his crusade and declaration of war on all pre-tribbers, the pre-trib would do well to do the same and look at the real issues of ecumenical deceit that has its fingers in every pie.

For what it’s worth this whole debate is a mire distraction from the more essential subjects, in Paul Wilkerson’s response video to Moriel and Good Fight Ministries he makes valid points on Israel.

The following videos is not an endorsements on either ministries.

Miguel Hayworth

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